Kodi Buffering tips & Real-Debrid – Myths Debunked!

There has been a lot of talking in the last weeks about “How To solve Kodi buffering”, with multiple guides telling you how to “Stop Buffering” and watch without issues and so on. Even if some of those guides were absolutely helpful I must warn you that the reality is a bit different, in fact THERE IS NO MAGIC TRICK to solve buffering if you’re streaming from a website.

What is Buffering?

Technically Buffering is not a BAD thing. It’s a technique used to improve performances while streaming videos or loading high end video games on your pc or device. In fact Buffering involves pre-loading data into a certain area of memory known as a “buffer,” so the data can be accessed more quickly when one of the computer’s processing units — such as a GPU or other forms of graphics, or a CPU for general computer processing — needs the data.

One common form of buffering occurs when your broadband connection is too slow to stream a video in real time. So your computer will buffer the video data — starting playback when there is enough to prevent video lag.

While buffering in general helps you to enjoy better computing performance, it can also mean that your connection isn’t quite up to snuff (remember: check your performance regularly with a speedtest from BandwidthPlace.com).

In video streaming nowadays buffering occours also when a website is not capable of uploading the content to the amount of users requesting that content at that particular time, due to the rise of streaming this is starting to be a big issues for free steaming servers and the trend is that it will get worse and worse overtime, especially at Peak times like Primetime or during a sport event.

As you can see there is nothing in reality that you can do to avoid streaming buffering if the server is not able to send you a reasonable amount of video data in order to let you enjoy a smooth playback, and the more the quality of the content (4k, FullHD, HD, SD) the worst it will get.

Of course you can optimize your internet connection, and you can also tweak Kodi in order to let it cache more data in the “buffer” before the playback, but the reality is if you cannot get from a server a decent video stream at an optimal speed, you will not be able to STOP BUFFERING.

Have you ever tried Netflix and wondering why they are able to stream content in 4k without any lag or buffering when Kodi buffers at times even at a mere SD resolution in 480p? The answer is always the same: Server Speeds. Netflix is using Amazon servers, spending millions of dollars for their platform, and of course charging people to be able to enjoy their service.

FREE STREAMING servers like the ones Exodus, Salts etc, are scraping from, are basically way lower spec servers, and they cannot handle the requests most of the times…

The truth is these streaming servers limits the amount of speed an user will get from the server in order to be able to send the data to as much as users as possible.

 So What can you do?

As you can imagine the answer is just: Paying for a better service. I am not saying here to pay for Netflix, let’s be honest… Netflix is good for my mom, but not for me… We want the last Marvel Movies, or the Last Game of Thrones Episode right?

Well there is something you can do to enjoy a better streaming experience while still using Kodi.

The answer is using a Debrid Service… like Real Debrid:


What is Reald Debrid?

Real debrid is basically a paid service which gives you access to to unrestrained speeds from the streaming servers… This means you will be able to connect to those streaming servers without being limited in speed… And also you will be able to receive more content in better quality from server that are “Premium servers” and that do not allow to be streamed or downloaded without a premium account.

The prices for these particular services are not expensive, a 180 days costs about 20$, and you will be able to enjoy Kodi in a really better and most of the times “buffer free” way.

This is an image showing you what links you get in Exodus for example on the last Game of Thrones Episode:


And this is an image showing what you get for the same content on a REALDEBRID account:


Look at the 1080p Content with Audio 5.1! Pretty cool uh?



As you can see having Real Debrid sounds like magic, but dont expect to be the solutions to all your troubles… It works very well, and I absolutely suggest you to try it, but if you are after real old movies or old tv shows dont expect to see a huge difference in terms of quality, thats basically because there is not so much “old” content to stream, most streaming websites are focusing on new releases of course.

Said That I hope you enjoyed my little “honest guide” here… and if you wants to activate a realdebrid account please click on the banner below using my referall, you will give me 5 free days if you signup, and I will thank you for that!

10 Comments on Kodi Buffering tips & Real-Debrid – Myths Debunked!

  1. Only recently started using Realdebrid and as you say the quality is superb. Improved exodus and other addons immensely

  2. use the video codec info in kodi to check how fast a stream is loading…..if it is not loading faster than you are using it then ditch that stream and find another…..using this little trick i have not had a movie stop to buffer in months……i also use real debrid!!!!

  3. Yeah I agree I signed up for reald and works like a charm as it says 1080 all the way if not then HD no sd anymore well worth the money so go and get it people you will not regret it 😀

  4. I signed up for Real Debrid today for 6 months. It has improved exodus and specto but the real reason I wanted it was for Release Hub due to the 4k and 3d content. I can play the 3d with no problems most of the time but the 4k movies buffer like crazy I can’t even watch them. I’m running an Amazon Fire Box, hardwired connection at 150+ mbps so I do not understand why this paid service is not doing its job when the people on the YouTube videos have no issues at all…PLEASE HELP!

    • 4k cannot be streamed yet unless you watch from really fast servers like netflix… it might take some time till the quality and the speed are acceptable

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