Best Affordable Box for Kodi and Streaming? Not Android…

I see this question asked daily on my group, and I thought I might share some insights here, to help people enjoy their media experience.


I personally got an Nvidia shield in the living room, dont get me wrong, it’s an absolute amazing device, but let’s be honest, it’s not cheap… and if you’re not gaming it might be wasted.

So people always try to get the “affordable” or cheap device they can get… and the answer is always the same:


An Android Box


One of the cheapest and good android boxes currently on the market is the T95

Currently selling for around 35$ on Gearbest: HERE

At the price of a fire stick you got a complete google android experience, a full google play store, A Quad core cpu and 2 GB Ram which is more than enough to run any apps.

For reference the Amazon Fire Stick sports a Dual Core cpu and 1 Gb Ram.


You might say: “OK GOT IT”… but it’s not so easy.

While an Android TV Box might be a cheap device, you might think about what app are you running on it. For example, Kodi is not so good on Android, and you need to use some fork version of it like SPMC which may not be written for these cheap chinese boxes (it’s basically optimized for the Nvidia Shield).





In my years of experience I tried dozens of boxes, but just recently did the switch to a Windows 10 Box… and Boy WHAT A DIFFERENCE!

These boxes are becoming more and more popular due to the new Intel chipset… and for the price point there is no competition here, Especially for KODI.

One of the Best Windows Boxes on the market right now is the new Wintel Pro which sports the new Z8300 cpu.

It’s currently selling on Gearbest for 70$: HERE

and while you might THINK this is too much for you… you should consider the quality of the product and the experience you can get.

For that price you will have a full operational mini windows Machine… You can browse the internet, facebook, gmail just like on a pc… you can attach any external drive to it…

You can use HD Apps like “NETFLIX” (which are limited to SD on chinese android boxes), but most important you will get a FULL WINDOWS KODI!

If you love your Kodi setup, you cannot really compare Kodi for Windows, to Kodi for Android… The Windows version is way better optimized, well written, and with no limitation like the Android version.

So if you really want to make the jump, and think the Nvidia Shield is too much for you, I suggest you try these new Windows Boxes, you will not be disappointed.


Hope you liked my two cents here…

As always, Stay awesome!






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    • well on the higher end you can start considering more pricier options in the htpc market… they are not really boxes, but more than mini pcs. or check some good voyo box with 4gb ram 🙂

  1. What are your thoughts on Apple TV 4? I’ve thought about jumping to the Nvidia Shield, but prefer the tvOS interface at the moment. We also have a iOS house so it just makes sense to stick in the ecosystem. I’m digging your articles lately. I’m very new to this universe and greatly apreciate the input. Thanks!

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