What is UrlResolver (and RealDebrid) and why you cannot use Kodi without it

UrlResolver is the backbone of the whole Kodi streaming experience, but the majority of the users don’t know that it exists and it runs as a service as the most important feature in the Kodi software.

To explain what Urlresolver is I need to explain first how Kodi and your favourites addons works.

An addon is nothing more than a simple “window” on the actual content on the web… It may be complex like the case of addons like Exodus, Salts or very easy in case of a simple youtube playlist addon (which are becoming popular nowadays as it’s very simple to do).
NO CONTENT is being hosted in the addon… the addon simply visits a website, retrieve the information of that particular movie or tv shows, and then presents you with the links to the video that the website gives.
This process sounds easy but in reality more and more often these website are starting to block kodi or any other external player, in order to maximize their revenue with ads and sponsor. Nothing wrong with that, but they may be more flexible and should cooperate with the whole kodi addons community, this will help everybody but 99% of the times this do not happen, sadly.

Now, once the addon got the link to the video streaming, Kodi must be able to play that link.
Kodi is a software which supports python, and its player is not sofisticated as you might think, it needs a direct link in order to play a video or audio, just like if it was directly on your computer.
Video hosters like Openload, thevideo etc which are the most used hosts for sharing video links, have in place any sort of redirects, “click here” buttons and javascripts, before you can be able to access the content. Kodi is not able to bypass this sorts of features, it doesn’t act like a browser, it’s just a player.

And here comes into the game urlresolver.
Urlresolver intercepts the addon request to play that link from a list of available hosts like openload,videomega,thevideo and many more, and with a vast array of scripts is able, 99% of the times, to retrieve that direct link to the video that Kodi needs… and it doesn’t do all of this with pompous notifications, window, and so on… all in the background… Good Job Urlresolver!!!

Also nowadays Urlresolver is able to use the same method of retrieving that direct link, using additional debrid accounts like RealDebird… Realdebrid gives you unrestricted access to the hosts website that are sharing the video feed, giving you full speed most of the times… Normally the video hosters tends to limit the amount of speed a free user can get in order to maximize the numbers of people able to access the content.

Realdebrid gives you the service then, but it’s always Urlresolver that does the dirty work of going after redirection pages, javascripts, and in some cases malicious code, to finally get that direct video link.

So the next time you think that “EXODUS” is not playing that movie, or that Exodus doesn’t work, the case might be the fact that our best friend Urlresolver is not able to get that direct link for you, maybe that link has been removed, or maybe it needs just an update because the host has changed something in order to block our good old friend… but sooner or later, Urlresolver will get you that link… without asking you anything 🙂

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