Serenity Build rework done, updated for Kodi 17!

I am happy to share the Serenity build for Kodi 17.

Based on the apple tv skin, it’s a custom mod with more features and better compatibility.

A very easy to use build/skin.

Some of the work done:

Ability to customize widgets and tiles

Ability to move tiles around

No more Addons and favourite to select the tiles, it now integrates a fully functional skin.shortcuts script

Ability to customize the search button


It still may have some bugs so please report if any


7 Comments on Serenity Build rework done, updated for Kodi 17!

  1. This build is great but there is one fix that i beg for lol… the add-on box right at the top with the little puzzle piece, why can’t i move it? turn it off, etc?… everything else can be turned on and off, you can add boxes and change their icons it’s great… but that add-ons box throws it off for me… when you go to home page customizer that one box is grayed on, locked in that one place. I want to be able to pool that box with the other system boxes like power, file manager etc. and move it all the way to the bottom so i can add some better stuff at the top. Even if i can’t move it is cool, just the ability to turn it off like the other boxes is all i want.

    The second small request that i have is the ability to turn off or change the descriptions on the top left. For example lets say i go highlight “movies” and it displays the posters at the top but all the way on the top left it says “Zen Popular” or “Exodus People Watching”… the ability to turn that on/off or rename that to let’s say just simply “movies” or “tv shows” to emulated the apple experience would be cool.

    Hope that i have requested is not too much and i appreciate that hardwork put into this build!

  2. I quickly created a screenshot to better illustrate what i’m talking about lol…

    view here:

    the top left box is how it looks now, the top right box shows what i was talking about (there is no way to currently do this, i just quickly edited in photoshop).

    the bottom left and right boxes show the “addons” box locked for some reason, notice how in the home page customizer you are able to turn the other boxes off except that one.

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