Zen Addon with Library and Trakt – Enjoy the Metalliq full integration!

Zen is a nice addon for movies and tv shows but to keep it simple and light I decided to stay away from services that makes it more resource heavy and prone to possible issues like Library or Trakt integration. Keeping this in mind Zen teamed up with Metalliq to bring you Library and Trakt using the Metalliq Zen Player.

To be able to use such features you need to install Metalliq first:

System > File Manager:

Add Source…. in the address url put “http://noobsandnerds.com/portal” and in the name just use a name you would remember…


Back to Home Page and Select Add-ons

Install from Zip File



Select the sources we added in the beginning


Select the zip file as in the picture


Once the message “add on enabled” appears you can select Install from repository and select the desired repository, and addon you wish to install





Click on the addon and Install, and wait for the “add-on enabled” message


The VERSION K Should be the Krypton version


The First time we use the addon we need to configure it. Fortunately there is a brilliant auto setup, in just 1 click the addon will download players, setup library paths and everything you need … Just go in the addon settings and click on Rerun Total Setup


NOW everything is ready to go and perfectly integrated to use the Zen Player



Playing a Content: Just select Zen Player and the addon will use Zen as a source for that particular content


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