How to avoid Geo restricted IPTV and streaming Content in Kodi and other platforms!

VPN are the safest option to bypass geo-restriction barriers from streaming channels on Kodi. Although you might be able to access many of the TV channels for free, all US and most UK-based streaming channels (especially live TV) like ESPN and BBC Sport will be blocked, displaying the following message:



So, just how do you get rid of these geo-restrictions?

A VPN will enable you to evade all geo-restrictions and enjoy unlimited geo-restricted services on Kodi. It will mask your IP address with a foreign IP of your choice (USA, UK, Canada etc.), where the particular channel is available.

You will be able to enjoy restriction-free access to your favorite channels from anywhere in the world. User reviews and Kodi fans suggest deploying the best VPN services for Kodi due to their streaming optimized and P2P supported servers, for high-speed video & music streaming.

 To get the most out of Kodi and other sevices like Youtube etc, enjoy limitless streaming with a VPN. It will provide every bit of entertainment that lacks in Kodi. Following are the key benefits of using VPN:

  • Unblocks geo-restricted streaming services including Fox, Channel 7, BBC iPlayer, Hulu Plus, ESPN and hundreds of other global TV channels.

  • Evade geo-restrictions placed on shows like HBO’s Game of Thrones, Netflix’s House of Cards, Arrow, NBC Parks & Recreation, Person of Interest etc.

  • Evade NSA, GCHQ and Mossad surveillance plus snooping from other state agencies.

  • Gain access to P2P & Torrents without getting tracked & receiving copyright notices.

  • Stop ISPs from conducting DPI (deep packet inspection) and track your browsing activities.

  • Enable installation of blocked add-ons like Netflix XMBC on Kodi.

  • Being anonymous using Acestream with IPTV …. Acestream is using Torrent , which is highly risky to use without a VPN

A list of the common addons that will get you better results with a VPN:

  • Movies addons like Exodus,Zen, Salts etc

  • Any IPTV addon with US or UK restricted channels

  • Any addon based on restricted or blocked websites like 1channel or Icefilms


I highly recommend IPVANISH for the purpose…
It’s 100% compatible with Kodi and it’s flawless in every aspect. You will not regret the service.


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