Kodi 17.1 – Official Release is now Available!

Warning: If you are streaming/downloading copyrighted content then you might receive your Internet Provider letter and notice about it. To avoid this and to be completely anonymous please consider using a VPN like IPVANISH.


This is the bugfix release for v17.1 “Krypton” which contains our continuous effort to further improve the v17 release. Our team tried to tackle as much of the reported problems as possible with the limited resources we have. We do want to note that since we are just a small team some of the reported bugs might not get fixed due to lack of developers or time. As such we would certainly welcome any developer who has the ability to help us out to try and fix the bugs he or she encounters and submit it to our code base for review. We sure would like to thank every one involved with either development, testing or simply helping out others with answering their questions.

Fixes done in this release:

Update Estuary and Estouchy with some bugfixes and improvements
Fix EDL skipping
Fix slow song smartplaylist
Several PVR fixes
Update Chorus webinterface
Fix addons not being marked broken when they are updated with broken flag
Add limiter on random songs which should prevent large memory usage on big libraries
Improve keyboard mapping during button mapping
Improve analog stick handling
Improve plugin performance when building the content list
Include RTMP inputstream add-on for Windows
Don’t close subtitle stream when switching audio
Fix replaygain for music files
Fix controllers buttons on Android
Fix music cleanup hanging on large MySQL music database
Fix use of SMB on Android on new installs
Fix possible Kodi upgrade migration hang during add-on update process
Add check in Windows installer for Service Packs and updates that Kodi needs to operate
Don’t try to read tags from internet audio streams
Add setting to disable controller rumble on notifications


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