Kodi 16.1 with HTTPS support? Here is a fork to help you out

Warning: If you are streaming/downloading copyrighted content then you might receive your Internet Provider letter and notice about it. To avoid this and to be completely anonymous please consider using a VPN like IPVANISH.


You cannot or dont want to update to kodi 17? You dont want to loose in terms of features and be future proof with https support and whatnot?

Well until now the answer was only the same, UPDATE to KODI 17.

Now there is a fork which has bumped its python version to 2.7.12 and supports https.

You can download FTMC the Fork from HERE

Just install as any other Kodi and enjoy

Thanks to a post on reddit for this.



PLEASE READ THIS CAREFULLY: There is a huge reason for concern for my followers, as more and more ISP are starting to send letters to people just for watching a streaming movie (which is not illegal at this time…), visiting a streaming site, or just by using Kodi. We are more and more being tracked in what we buy, what the write, and every aspect of our online life is now being watched and monitored.

It’s time to START BEING ANONYMOUS online, stopping ISP to limiting what content you can watch, and keeping track of what you do, buy, eat, like. 

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