Streaming is Illegal! Is this the end of the world? Don’t panic

There is a huge scaremongering trend these days around the latest news about kodi box selling and the 10 year jail time for streaming (UK only). Don’t panic, it’s not the end of the world.

To clear some air:

1 – Selling “FULLY LOADED” Kodi boxes is now illegal, and it is not allowed anymore on major online shops around the world, mostly Amazon and Ebay.

This do not means that using an Android Box is illegal, in fact it’s not, it’s just a device like a computer or a phone. It’s only the fact that you will now have to load Kodi by yourself and install your favourite addons (legal or illegal), which I always suggested to do anyway. No big deal!


2 – Streaming Content will now get you 10 years jail time (in the UK ONLY – USA and the rest of the World do not apply here)

Yes this law has passed but has major difference than what people around the web are telling you.

First, it will need to consider the nature of the infringment, the amount of “warning letters” you already had (please read about the 3 warning ISP system), and also if it’s private or to make money.

These are huge differences in my book, and all those people in social networks are not telling you the whole truth. Which is it’s very very difficult for privates to be prosecuted about this, and also it’s just a scare tactic by the government, a law like this cannot be enforced on millions of people streaming every day. Most likely nothing will happen.


3 – Streaming is Illegal (EU Court Rules)

Yes streaming is now illegal, by the same standard torrenting and downloading movies and music and books has been for the past decade. Nothing new here, and you already had to know that watching the latest movie for free isn’t be something “normal” or legal, do you?.

But the same “ability or enforcing practice” applies here: It’s impossible to prosecute all the people streaming content, especially millions of people everyday. They will only target big streaming hubs like IPTV rebroadcasters, or streaming websites, but the private, the 14 year old kid downloading the latest music hit , will not be touched, unless you want a really huge riot.


So what can you do to protect yourself and be more anonymous so they cannot track you?

The rise of privacy leaks and control over the internet is something a normal user should be concerned about. Your browsing habits, what you watch and and what you buy, is more and more often logged and controlled.

For a small price you can buy a trusted VPN (there are plenty of useless out there) that will allow you to watch and browse in complete security, and the process is very very easy.

Just install a client, and in a couple of seconds you are ready to go.

The amounts of content you will see unlocked using a VPN is amazing, more sources in addons like Zen Exodus Salts, more working links in IPTV and the security of watching a streaming content without worrying if somebody is controlling what you are doing..

I tried many services in the past year starting with PIA, to Torguard, Expressvpn and many others. The one I recommend is the one I am using at the moment, it’s one of the most secure implementing a 256bit encryption, and really really easy to setup…. It’s IPVANISH

It works flawless with Kodi (I had several problems with other vpns like PIA occasionally triggering cloudflare and antibot on kodi addons) and it doesn’t slow you internet broadband (well maybe just a tiny fraction)



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