Thanks for all the love…

To all the people that I met during this journey I just want to say, Thanks for all the support.

This website will be expire later this month and I decided to NOT renew the hosting and the servers. You might have noticed that I have been silent for a while, mainly because so much have changed in my life that I have really very little interest in kodi.

Also the sudden rise in popularity of the platform makes me wanna steer clear from all the drama, piracy and Uk crazy laws.

The main reason is something more personal than this of course, and in reality it’s a natural change, let’s call it a life evolution where your goals shifts towards something more concrete and tangible than some line of codes and a nickname.

So what will happen?

In reality nothing, just the fact that you will not hear from me for a while. This repo and the skins will be gone too, so you better have a backup for it.

What about Zen? Well I started the addon for fun but then I realized it became something bigger than I thought. I did it for the fun of development but right now I dont know where it stands,  with all the Kodi changes, new laws, new rules, I just want to stay clear of the grey area and piracy/privacy issues so I will no longer support the development of the addon, just for peace of mind.

The good news is the addon will keep working if you install it, it’s been stable since day one, so nothing will break.

Also the folks at NoobsandNerds  most probably will keep it going, updating the scrapers when necessary, so you are in very good hands, I met awesome developers there and I suggest you follow the forum if you like what they do.

So thanks everybody for all the love and fun in this adventure

See you on the next one

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